About Stonehouse

Hello, my name is Arti and I’m the Managing Director of Stone House Marketing Company Limited. I just wanted to welcome you and give you a look inside of Stone House.

So why did I get into this business into the first place?

I am a highly motivated and ambitious person who has always desired to possess my own business (truthfully, I just didn’t want to work for anyone else!) For years I explored various business ideas and after a lot of research and deliberation, I came across the ideal business – natural stone. In fact, it is used in our home so you could say that it was staring me right in the face all along.

Natural stone – deeper than you thought

There are so many monumental structures made out of stone, and I have always been fascinated by these buildings and the fine workmanship that brought them into existence. Whether it is the breathtaking Taj Mahal in India, the mysterious Egyptian Pyramids or the ancient Stonehenge in the English countryside, natural stone monuments have sparked our imaginations over the years.

Coliseums, museums, grand castles, and many other structures around the world: they all rich in history and each has its own unique and intriguing story. These natural stone monuments have stood against time and their majestic beauty have grown along with our appreciation of them. And that is my approach; every project I undertake is with the intent of creating a personal work of art for you – helping you to bring to life a monument of your imagining.

A dream come true

Pursuing this business is a dream of mine and has given me a level of fulfillment and satisfaction, which I have been able to pass unto my customers. It is my mission to make your dreams come true as well.

I offer quality service and products that represent the highest degree of modern techniques and application. And yet, the same ancient stones are being used in modern day buildings and homes from the very sources of revered monuments in some cases. Stone House can make them part of your home as well.

The right choice

Natural stone is the right choice, not only because of its durability and functionality as a building material or accessory, but because it will set your home apart and capture the essence of your unique identity.

I know that you are interested in natural stone products but either you don’t know enough or you are fearful of the risk of poor quality and service. I am here to help you and guide you to determine if this is the right choice for you. Relax, stop worrying…you’re in the Stone House now.

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