Stone House offers you many advantages including:

  1. Competitive prices;
  2. Reliable customer support and services: this does not end with the purchase of the product but we maintain our relationship with after-sales service and advice;
  3. A wide variety of quality products that merge modern technology and ancient techniques;
  4. A stable supply of natural stone products from sources around the world;
  5. On-time delivery;
  6. Compliance with standards that reflect customers’ needs;
  7. Insightful ideas and unique designs.

All these are attributes of our product quality and service which differentiate us from the rest. The three main services we offer are as follows:


When correctly specified and installed, natural stone will create a visually stunning and durable statement. It is this combination of beauty and durability that has inspired designers and architects and made natural stone finishes an enduring choice over the centuries.

Natural stones such as granite, marble and limestone are naturally durable materials that will last a lifetime but, like any product, when not installed correctly may cause a number of problems that will negatively affect the design, look and longevity of the installation.

Stone House has the technical insight to make every job a masterpiece from the sub-floor preparation to post-installation maintenance. Through our in-house expertise we ensure risk free installation and a perfect finish every time. Get in touch with us and you’ll see!

Professional Advice

When you choose Stone House, you can rely on our expert team for ongoing support at every stage of the process, from translating the ideas you have in your creative mind, to installation visits and on-site testing. We provide advice on best practices, guidance and support for your unique specifications, and we supply the highest quality products to provide you with worry-free results. We ensure total confidence in the specification and subsequent on-site application. Contact us today and we will help you along your natural stone journey!


Our aim is to make every aspect of the process simple and worry free for you. Transportation is a critical aspect that many persons don’t give enough thought towards. With concerns about product handling and packing, you don’t want to be disappointed when your natural stone purchases arrive at your home. We eliminate this risk by providing our own transportation. And that’s not even the best news – the best news is that there is a very good chance that this will be provided at no cost to you!

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